For a client’s request, our professionals made this Plexiglass lectern and table. They were created according to specific measures, entirely at the customer’s convenience. The resulting acrylic products are an excellent example that there are no restrictions on acrylic glass.

PMMA or also called Plexiglas

Plexiglas (or PMMA) is a multi-functional material that is almost twice as light as glass. It is both flexible and susceptible to processing, but also resistant to external conditions such as moisture, temperature changes, and other factors. It is used in a number of areas, the most popular being light industry, interior design, and even medicine. Many of the ads you see in your daily life are also made of Plexiglas.

Many years of experience and specialized workshop

Advertising Agency Media Design has a specialized PVC and Plexiglas workshop. Our experienced professionals can create many products for different purposes. They can be used both for outdoor advertising and as interior fixtures and decorations. We have the necessary knowledge and conditions to create exclusively individual and professionally-oriented products.


Date: August 2020


City: Plovdiv