Green House – Fresh Place is a new coffee shop located in the center of Plovdiv. There you will be offered a wide variety of coffee, fresh juices, smoothies and more irresistible temptations. For a welcoming and thematic advertising vision, Green House turned to Media Design Advertising Agency.

Branding of Green House – Fresh Place

To create the vision, our team uses high-quality wide format printing film – 3M Scotchcal IJ40. This is a polymeric, calendered self-adhesive film, which is an excellent choice for branding on shop windows, other flat surfaces and even those with slight curves. The final finish is the created with special matte.

How to emphasize your business identity?

Media Design Advertising Agency has designers who can create a suitable advertising vision for your business and professionals with many years of experience in the installation of products. The branded site attracts attention, stands out and promotes your business, and the stylish and thematic vision inspires trust in customers.

Client:  Green House – Fresh Place

Date: February

Warranty: 2 years

City: Plovdiv