Hotel & Restaurant Krasen greets its guests with a cozy atmosphere and great kitchen. Comfort and delicious food lovers would enjoy a pleasing and relaxing stay. The hotel management contacted Media Design Advertising Agency for manufacturing illuminated channel letters.

Channel letters with Alurapid system

We created channel letters for Hotel & Restaurant Krasen with Alurapid system. It is an excellent choice for rooftop advertisement with a larger size. It consists Plexiglass face and Aluminum pages. The strong metal construction and the used high-quality materials guarantee the final product will be both beautiful and durable.

For letters of this type, adverse weather conditions such as heavy rain, snow, and wind do not cause a problem. They are lightweight to simplify the installation process, and this allows them to be installed even in hard-to-reach places.

LED lightning for an effective advertisement

To be completely sure that the letters – Hotel Restaurant Krasen will be seen both from afar and at night, we illuminated it with LED modules. For this project, we trusted the proven Korean company G.O.Q LED. These LEDs are guaranteed to be durable, safe, and several times more economical than ordinary fluorescent lamps.

The finished advertising product received a 4-year warranty and the expected service life is near 10 years.

Client: Hotel & Restaurant Krasen

Date: August 2019

Warranty: 4 years

City: Plovdiv