All Plovdiv residents knows the location of beerhouse Jagerhof with the favorable German live beer. Soon the chain will open a hotel under the same name, which is located exactly next to the beerhouse. For this occasion from Jagerhof turned to Media Design for the branding of the hotel with illuminated channel letters.

Giant illuminated channel letters glowed under the roof of Hotel Jagerhof

For the inscription and the elements for the logo – the two horns, we used a system for channel letters with acrylic and Alurapid. The system is resistant and stable for the outdoor conditions and it’s perfect for the sizes of the letters at Hotel Jagerhof Plovdiv. In order to secure the advertisement we used strong metal construction.

The face of the channel letters is applied 3M film for illuminated advertisement in the color of the logo. It enhances the brightness and helps to distribute the light correctly. In combination with the powerful illuminated modules of SloanLED, the bright and long-lasting illumination of the letters for Hotel Jagerhof Plovdiv is guaranteed.

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Client:  Hotel Jagerhof

Date:  November 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv