We used attractive textile signs to improve the interior at one of the emblematic hotels of Plovdiv. The management of the hotel preferred them because of the perfect look, competitive price, and flexible application. The installed non-illuminated signs at the Hotel SPS lobby bar transformed the interior adding more elegance.

A night view of a cosmopolitan city complements the interior of a lobby bar

The textile (canvas) provides high quality printed graphics, so the colors look vivid. The elegant signs at the lobby bar depict night cityscape with contrast colors so the image seems to comes alive. Narrow aluminum textile profile (1.5 cm) stretches the canvas perfectly and the signs look merged with the wall as wallpaper.

But the textile signs are installed and removed easier and quicker than the wallpaper even by people without professional skills. The changing of the advertising visions or decorative images is done without any effort. There is no need to reinstall the sign from the wall. The only thing to do is to open the signed profile to remove the canvas and stretch the new one.

Textile signs – a practical solution for bars

The opportunity for easy canvas changing of the textile signs makes them suitable for bars, restaurants, cafes and more. These places change their interiors frequently so using textile signs they will significantly reduce the costs for interior decorations. The textile signs also can be used for promotional graphics of products that is offered in the club. The Hotel SPS’ signs are an excellent example for the decorative application.

Another advantage of the textile signs is decreasing reverberation at the room. It is possible because the canvas absorbs the sound vibrations.

Hotel SPS received a practical solution for an impressive results.

Client:  Hotel SPS

Date:  March 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv