Hotel SPS with new logo

Hotel SPS is one of the most recognizable buildings in Plovdiv city. The completely renovated hotel is ready to welcome its guests for this year, full of emotions and events – 2019. Hotel SPS offers comfortable rooms, conference rooms, an outdoor pool, and many more pleasuring stuff which makes staying in the hotel more calm and desirable.

In addition to the interior renovation, the SPS Hotel also needed a makeover for its outdoor ads systems and new branding. For them, advertising agency Media Design, designed two systems of illuminated channel letters, totem, and a massive cube, mounted at the top of the building. They expressed their impressions of the design and installation of all promotional items.

Emotion Bar & Dinner totem from etalbond, with letters from acrylic
Illuminated cube on the roof of Hotel SPS

Recommendation from Hotel SPS for Media Design

Gallery of done projects for Hotel SPS:

Interior textile sign for a lobby bar
Hotel SPS - Emotion Bar & Dinner totem
Illuminated sign for SPS Hotel roof
Business Hotel SPS, Plovdiv