Emotion Bar & Dinner is the new name of the renovated bar located in the lobby of Hotel SPS Plovdiv. The elegant interior of the bar gives you the opportunity to make great memories with friends and family. Besides that, the guests of the hotel can rest in a fully furnished, comfortable rooms and apartments, enjoy the exquisite cuisine and outdoor swimming pool. Hotel SPS also has large conference rooms for hosting different business meetings, workshops, etc.

During the Christmas and New Years’ holidays of 2018, Emotion Bar & Dinner received a new illuminated totem manufactured by sign-making company Media Design. We made sure to create an alluring and stylish design that will attract the attention of passers-by.

The illuminated totem with logo of the restaurant welcomes visitors

The massive totem is made from reliable and lasting etalbond construction. It is double-sided – two separate etalbond boxes on which we mounted the Emotion Bar & Dinner logo. Thus, the ad is visible from both sides.

We mounted the totem on the parking lot, meters away from the busy roads of Plovdiv. The brightly illuminated channel letters attract the attention of passers-by throughout the entire day. We combine 3 colors – white, red, and green. To ensure effective illumination, we singled-out high-quality G.O.Q. LED modules. They ensure long and bright illumination – backed in a 3-year full warranty by Media Design.

The design and manufacture of the totem is part of the full branding of Hotel SPS with outdoor ads. That includes channel letters on the entrance and the roof, signs, and illuminated cube on the roof.

Media Design Advertising agency performs hotel branding, entirely according to the established company standards. Complying with all your requirements, and at the same time creating innovative interior and exterior solutions for your advertising.

Client:  Hotel SPS

Date:  December 2018

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv