The city of Plovdiv is awaiting the 2019th year eagerly. Hotel SPS – one of the emblematic hotels of the city will welcome its guests in the significant year for Plovdiv. We produced a lot of signage elements for Hotel SPS – an illuminated sign on the roof, channel letters on the facade and above the entrance, advertising totem.

Quality and stable channel letters

The quality of the signmaking materials ensures the long-tem durability of the outdoor advertises. To meet the Hotel SPS quality requirements we used the proven channel letters technology. The channel letters returns are made of Alurapid for a high strength of the installation. For the front side of the letters we used red  acrylic.

This way of manufacturing guarantees a high strength of the whole construction even in bad weather conditions. The hotel stars are produced in the same way but the face is made of yellow acrylic.

Bright and uniformly illuminated advertising installations

Each iiluminated sign needs a quality LED illumination to ensure its bright and uniformly lighting. We trusted again to the Korean manufacturer G.O.Q. LED. The G.O.Q. LED modules save money on maintenance and are backed in 3 year warranty. They minimize the likelihood of fires.

We always prefer to use a quality materials to ensure the long-term durability of the illuminated signage.

Client:  Hotel SPS

Date:  September 2018

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv