The management of Hotel Paloma trusted Media Design Advertising Agency for complete branding and creation of outdoor advertising on the site. Some of the products we have created for them are interior illuminated channel letters denoting the reception at the hotel.

Illuminated interior channel letters for Hotel Paloma

The created interior channel letters for the hotel reception are backlit. They are made from Plexiglas base and a face of painted stainless steel. The so-called halo letters are elegant and spectacular, a very good option for image advertising.

The key to achieving this vision is the installation from the wall through spacers. This strong and characteristic accent creates a feeling of prestige and completeness of any interior.

Put a stylish emphasis on your business

When creating signs, letters and overall hotel branding you have the opportunity to stand out with your business identity. Media Design Advertising agency exclusively produces advertising products that give elegance and style, according to the established company standards of the hotel.

Client:  Hotel Paloma

Date: April 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Sunny Beach