Complex “Zhitari” is located in the village of Zhitnitsa, 30 km., North of Plovdiv, on the road to the town of Hissarya and Starosel. They started their activity 20 years ago and from a small family restaurant they reached the level, they are at today.

From 01.06.2013, the complex offers its customers: restaurant with 180 seats, a garden with a pool, a hotel with 11 double rooms, a small spa with a steam bath, a sauna, a small pool with a jacuzzi, and a massage room. They turned to Media Design Advertising Agency for the production of illuminated stainless steel letters.

Illuminated inox channel letters

We made beautiful backlit inox channel letters for complex Zhitari.

The illuminated channel letters Zhitari are a complex project because there are very narrow and fine details that must be made extremely precisely, but still, the team of professionals from the advertising agency Media Design did an excellent job.

The channel letters are made of stainless steel and gold mirror stainless steel placed at the top. It gives a complete finish to the design and emphasizes the wheat ears. The letters are mounted with spacers and are backlit with Samsung LEDs.

Inox advertising products

Channel letters and sign from inox are elegant and luxurious. They would give the desired style to every brand. They are a good investment because they are durable over time, resistant to weather conditions and their maintenance is minimal.

Client:  Complex Zhitari

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Zhitnitsa Village