We from advertising agency Media Design took care for the introduction and advertisement of the art gallery and manufactured elegant sign from inox.

The art gallery in Lovech, which is now named after the artist prof. Teofan Sokerov, according to the decision of all 31 councilors , now got new and elegant inox channel letters. Prof. Teofan Sokerov is born on May 1943 in Lovech. He dies at 8 January 2020.

He graduates high school “Todor Kirkov” in Lovech at 1961 and continues his education in the capital Sofia, with specialty Painting with prof. Petur Mihailov. A couple of years he works as a freelance painter in his born city where he creates his first painting “Remembrance”. In the period 1971-1982 he becomes Chairman of the Union of Artists in Lovech. Despite, he starts living in Sofia and at 1994 he becomes professor at painting in NXA Sofia. From the 70s years he creates dozens of solo and group painting exhibitions. He is an author of numerous easel and monumental works.

Non-illuminated logo from scratched stainless steel for the new gallery in Lovech

The advertising signage from stainless steel with a scratched decorative effect, which gives elegance and refinement to the art gallery. For the non-illuminated logo of the renamed gallery in Lovech, we used scratched stainless steel again. It looks amazing and makes the gallery even more noticeable while giving a refreshing and attractive look to the advertising message. This makes it clearly visible and recognizable to the passers nearby and for its visitors at Lovech.

Black letters from acrylic give an elegant and complete look to the advertising sign from inox for the art gallery in Lovech

For the sign from inox, we used black acrylic from 3M and for the face of the advertising letters – “Художествена Галерия”, “Проф. Тефоан Сокеров”. They can be seen from far distances, even though they don’t glow. The design is simple, but the inox breaks the light in glowing nuances. That makes the letters looking like they are illuminated and that makes them even more appealing. Together with the covered acrylic on the face of the letters, we can be sure, that they will never be missed or unseen. For the development and manufacturing of such an advertising project – flair, precision, and experienced professionals in the manufacturing process are needed. That’s exactly what we can offer from Media Design.

The art gallery in Lovech got a precise, elegant, and beautiful inox sign, so it can be introduced right in front of everyone. The stainless steel is so strong, that it will do its work for years to come and they will always look the same.

Client:  Art gallery prof. Teofan Sokerov

Date:  June 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Lovech