CPSBB is a center for plant biology and biotechnology. Founded in 2015 in the city of Plovdiv. The center was built with the help of the Bulgarian Government, the Municipality of Plovdiv, several universities and companies from around the world. CPSBB strives to achieve high results, to create new products on the Bulgarian market, and to attract a new generation of developers. The company is driven by the ambition to unite politics, science, and industry in order to improve social and economic development. They turned to Media Design Advertising Agency to create an inox sign.

Elegant illuminated inox sign

We made the CPSBB sign from stainless steel with a scratched decorative effect, which gives a fine embossed look to the sign. For the logo of the biological center (elegant leaf), we bet on the translucent film for printing – 3M IJ63. It is designed for latex printing with UV inks, which gives an effective and attractive look to the advertising message.

We illuminated the sign from inox with LED modules of one of the leaders in the production of LED modules – the Korean manufacturers G.O.Q. LED, with which it acquired a finished look. Made with this technology, the sign shines brightly and evenly, which in turn contributes to a better announcement of the site even in the distance.

Why should you choose the inox sign?

Stainless steel implies not only a spectacular vision but also strength. It goes well with different types of advertising films and Plexiglas letters. It is suitable for branding objects with high demands on the vision and reliability of the advertising structure. Illuminated signs from inox are widely used as they are resistant to changing weather conditions or various production processes.

Client:  CPSBB 

Date: Jule 2018

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv