Thermal complex Persen is the first aqua park with healing mineral waters in Devin town. It opened the summer season of 2017 and swiftly developed into a favorite spot for relaxing in town. The mineral water in this area is known for the positive effect on the human body. It is used for drinking and eternally healing of the bones, the heart, the respiratory system and others.

The complex offers few, different in size pools: kids, baby, VIP, Olympic, with special features, and one with double pool slides. The visitors of the thermal aqua park can take advantage of the SPA procedures and massages as well.

Illuminated triangle sign points the visitors to the entrance of the Thermal complex Persenk

The manufacture of the sign is part of the branding of the aqua park, a project that came to reality in 2017. The illuminated sing has an uneven shape, identical to the one of their logo.

For its manufacture, we used elegant and resistant materials for illuminated signs: aluminum profile systems and vinyl banner. To recreate the logo we used translucent film 3M Scotchcal 2330 in blue – specific color for the park. These high-quality materials allowed us to create a suitable and identical sign with Aqua Parks Persenk’s logo. For the illumination of the ad, we singled out G.O.Q. LED modules, that have proven their qualities throughout the years.

Usually, such logo ads are being reviewed from up close which is why they have to be assembled and mounted with high precision. Even the slightest details can attract the attention of passers-by. We made sure that the logo is perfect, so our clients from Thermal express can be sure about the presentation of their business.

Client:  Aquapark Persenk

Date:  July 2017

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Devin