Leipzig is one of Plovdiv’s most iconic hotels. It is located near many landmarks including the hill – Alyosha, Garden of Tsar Simeon, and many more. During the years, the hotel has gone through many interior and exterior changes. The hotel singled out sign making company Media Design for the creation of two advertising installations that attract the attention of passers-by.

Elegant and stylish advertising

For hotel Leipzig we manufactured illuminated channel letters made from high-quality red Plexiglas and LED lighting, mounted on the entrance. For the illumination of the ads we singled out the LED diodes manufactured by the Korean company – G.O.Q. LED.

Durable and lasting advertising installation

Safety is the most important factor when we talk about advertising installations mounted on roofs. This is in regards not only of the ad itself but also of the construction on which it is mounted. That is why we made sure the advertising installation of hotel Leipzig is secured.

To create lasting and attractive advertising we chose the following production technology – channel letters with acrylic face and aluminum returns. We combined attractive Plexiglas with reliable and lasting aluminum. Once again we chose high-quality G.O.Q. LED modules. The entire installation is mounted on inox steel construction that provides more stability to the ad itself.

Why choose acrylic channel letters with aluminum returns?

The acrylic channel letters with aluminum returns ensure stable and reliable ads. They can resist bad weather conditions, heavy winds, and humidity. Easy to mount, even on hard-to-reach spots. The acrylic channel letters are the perfect solution for branding restaurants, hotels, office buildings, malls, and many more.

Client:  Hotel Leipzig

Date:  August 2013

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv