Hotel Diamond in Sunny Beach entrusted Media Design Advertising Agency the project for the overall branding of the site. We have created many interior and exterior products for them, which will contribute to a more stylish and memorable vision. As a culmination, our professionals performed edging with high-end LED modules.

Hotel shine brightly with SloanLED LEDstripe in Sunny Beach

The spectacular vision was created by white SloanLED LEDstripe. They create a unique accent on the hotel, making it even more noticeable. The LEDStripe used is “LED neon”, specially designed to replace the traditional edging of buildings with neon tubes. Neon technology most often poses a high risk of fires and for this reason SloanLED has created an innovative product with high reliability and durability in outdoor conditions.

Advertising vision that make you stand out

Media Design Advertising agency specializes in the production of signs, channel letters, and overall hotel branding. For our over 25 years of experience we have implemented advertising projects for various types of businesses. We create exclusive products that meet the company’s customer standards. Our main priority is to build an elegant and durable advertisement that will bring you peace of mind and dividends.

Client:  Hotel Diamond

Date: April 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Sunny Beach