SPA Hotel Santé is a 5-star hotel in Velingrad. It has 140 accommodation units, the largest spa and medical center in the area and a wide selection of establishments to complement your overall experience during your stay.

SPA Hotel Santé chose Advertising Agency Media Design for the overall branding of the building. Part of the products that our team made for them are also illuminated aluminum channel letters.

Illuminated aluminum channel letters – SPA Hotel Santé

The illuminated channel letters SPA Hotel Santé are made with a colored plexiglass face and aluminum pages. This system is preferred when it comes to installations in high places where strength and durability in adverse weather conditions is important. Aluminum does not corrode, which is another prerequisite for a long and trouble-free advertising life.

This type of aluminum channel letters needs no maintenance for years. This in itself saves money and brings peace of mind.

Durable LED lighting

The lighting is made with high-class G.O.Q LED modules. As a proven and reliable manufacturer, the company has created technology that fits all types of promotional products. Guaranteed safe and durable, they are an excellent upgrade to any advertisement.

Client:  Santé SPA Hotel

Date: June 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Velingrad