Hotel Albena complex is located in the heart of Hisarya, near the Momina Banya mineral spring. The hotel features indoor and outdoor mineral pools, a restaurant, a relaxation center, a conference hall, and additional amenities to make the guests’ stay enjoyable.

The hotel owners approached us to design a new outdoor advertisement that would align with their updated vision for the hotel. We created two illuminated inscriptions, one using the Alurapid system and the other made entirely of Plexiglas.

Illuminated letters Hotel Albena for the facade of the building

The Hotel Albena illuminated channel letters for the building facade were created with aluminum pages and a plexiglass face. These channel letters are suitable for inscriptions between 80 cm and 2 meters in height. The Alurapid system is sturdy, dependable, and highly durable, making it ideal for facade and roof advertisements. Illuminated aluminum letters enhance the appearance of businesses and support a positive image. The high-quality lighting provided by the Korean company G.O.Q LED modules contributes to their long-lasting nature. The installation has a 4-year warranty.

A blue Plexiglas sign welcomes guests to the hotel complex in Hisarya

Additionally, smaller illuminated channel letters displaying the hotel name have been installed near the entrance. These blue acrylic letters, feature built-in high-quality LED lighting. The lettering is stylish and elegant and fits the overall branding of the hotel.

Client: Hotel Albena

Data: April 2020

Warranty: 4 years

City: Hisarya