Elegant and modern, Hotel Jägerhof would predispose even the most demanding tastes. The new jewel of Plovdiv city has spacious public areas, a modern lobby bar, a cozy restaurant, lounge with free access to computers. Everything you need for your stay for work or vacation. There you can find everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing stay. Hotel Jagerhof entrusted Media Design Advertising agency for the overall branding of the building. These black acrylic letters are only a part of the advertising products we have made for them.

Black acrylic letters for Hotel Jägerhof

The shown advertising products have a lot of advantages. Acrylic channel letters are one of the most common channel letters. Our customers prefer them due to their good appearance. Despite the luxurious look, they are also strong and durable. Another important thing is the affordable price we set for manufacturing. The letters can easily match the established interior design. The black color is known as an elegant and universal choice.  

The secret of the durable advertisement

Media Design Advertising agency has a specialized PVC and Plexiglass workshop. In the manufacturing process, our experienced professionals pay attention even to the smallest details. We use high-quality materials and very often the service life of our products is way longer than the warranty. Our mission is to create beautiful and effective advertising products to present your business in the best way possible.

Client:  Hotel Jagerhof

Date: August 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv