Hotel Paloma is located in the center of the sea resort Sunny Beach. The key location offers a wide variety of places for entertainment and recreation: water attractions, shopping malls and nightlife. Due to its cozy atmosphere and the high quality of the services offered, Hotel Paloma enjoys great interest from both Bulgarian and foreign tourists.

The management entrusted the Media Design Advertising Agency with the project for outdoor advertising of the site, and we created different types of products for them. Some of them are interior channel letters, distinguishing their lobby bar.

Stainless steel interior letters for hotel Paloma

Our team made the interior advertising letters for hotel Paloma from brushed stainless steel. Also known as inox letters. They are an excellent way for creating effective and elegant image advertising. They are mounted at a distance from the wall with the help of spacers, which creates an additional effect for depth.

Stainless steel is a flexible material that allows the creation of products with even more non-standard shapes. Robust and durable, this type of channel letters are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Effectively differentiate the space

In addition to creating proper visual communication, this type of channel letters attract people’s attention and impress with design. These labels add style to any brand and are preferred by companies that want to have a more authoritative presentation to their customers.

Advertising agency Media Design has many years of experience in designing any type of outdoor advertising. Our professionals approach each project individually, taking care to get beautiful, representative and durable advertising products.

Client:  Hotel Paloma

Date: April 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Sunny beach