Under the project for the creation of outdoor and interior advertising for SPA Hotel Ismena, the team of Advertising Agency Media Design performed different types of products to differentiate the different parts of the hotel. An interior inscription was made from painted stainless steel.

Embossed channel letters Therma & SPA for SPA Hotel Ismena

We created for the hotel reception painted channel letters and a stainless steel logo. In this way, the products perfectly complement the interior of the room, adding an additional luxurious accent.

It is a popular practice for hotels to enrich their interior design in this way, as it helps for a more effective and memorable presentation to their customers.

Embossed channel letters – a luxurious and effective solution for advertising

With an embossed channel you have the opportunity to quickly and efficiently create an eye-catching vision of your site. The options offered by Media Design Advertising Agency are enough to choose the most suitable product for you. They are laser cut, which ensures a perfect appearance.

Client: SPA Hotel Ismena

Date: April 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Devin