Located in the heart of the seaside resort of Sunny Beach, Hotel Paloma is recognizable and preferred because of its cozy and relaxing atmosphere. The hotel management trusted Media Design Advertising Agency for the production of attractive outdoor advertising.

Channel letters inscription Paloma with embossed illuminated letters

The advertising product for Hotel Paloma was made of acrylic, the face is covered with PVC film and illuminated embossed letters are mounted on it. For the illumination of the embossed letters we chose the proven Korean manufacturer G.O.Q LED. In this way the inscription is clearly visible at night, and the created elegant vision impresses the visitors of the hotel.

Why illuminated advertising?

Illuminated advertising guarantees your attention. More clearly visible, it guides passers-by and affirms the image of your brand. Media Design Advertising agency works only with quality LED manufacturers such as SloanLED and G.O.Q LED. Our priority is for the illumination product to be safe, beautiful and durable over time to provide peace of mind for years to its owner.

Client: Hotel Paloma

Date: April 2018

Warranty: 3 years

City: Sunny beach