We branded the interior and exterior of the Aqua Spa Hotel Zlatograd with illuminated and non-illuminated advertisements. We placed an illuminated etalbond totem, different types of channel letters, and signs. We also created an illuminated room number signs.

Backlighting technology was used for most of the lighting products. It gives depth and elegance to the ads. Customers also preferred this method of lighting for the room number signs. They turned out to be more attractive and extremely effective.

Illuminated room numbers signs brighten the corridors of the luxury hotel

Following the requirements of the client, we made the signs on an individual project with a design corresponding to the interior of the hotel. They are made of plexiglass in combination with black matte PVC film, and we mounted the room numbers on them. The numbers are three-dimensional embossed sandwich” type letters with plexiglass and stainless steel. The LED lighting is built into a white Plexiglas box, behind the signs, which also lights up and creates an impressive halo.

We used high-quality G.O.Q LED modules. LEDs that guarantee bright, reliable, and economical lighting on all room number signs.

This type of hotel sign is part of building a clear visual communication in the hotel, with easier and better customer orientation. With their attractive appearance, the elegant number sings inevitably make an impression, fulfilling their perfectly informative role.

Client: Aqua SPA Hotel Zlatograd

Date: October 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Zlatograd