Illuminated sign HOTEL with flashing arrow

As part of the renovation of Noviz Hotel, located in Plovdiv, we manufactured illuminated sign HOTEL, mounted vertically for full visibility for both pedestrians and vehicles. The large letters are visible from a distance, while the flashing sign attracts the attention of passers-by. Media Design Advertising agency creates hotel signs that meet the standards for the production of inscriptions for similar business hotels in Europe and this further enhances the subconscious influence of the inscription

Hotel signs with clear customer message

The HOTEL sign is perfectly visible – even from a distance – from both sides of the boulevardThe flashing arrow points to the location of the hotel and attracts the attention of passers-by. This type of hotel sign is very recognizable and helpful for potential guests.

Lasting, high-quality advertising installations

The five illuminated sings HOTEL are made with aluminum systems. The construction of the single elements increases the stability of the ad. The supporting metal construction was previously hot-dip galvanized for maximum strength of the sign. This prevents deformation and rust.

Cost-effective with low maintenance requirements

The illumination was created with G.O.Q. LED modules, designed with embedded Samsung chip, that illuminates with the power of luminescent lamps. This type of illuminating method decreases electricity consumption by up to 85% in hotel signs. Another advantage of the LED diodes is that they can illuminate for at least 8 years before maintenance is required.

Client:  Noviz Hotel

Date:  October 2012

Warranty: 5 years

Location: Plovdiv