Hotel Jagerhof is a high-class hotel, located in Plovdiv. It is aimed at business guests and tourists who appreciate comfort and first-class service. Modern look on the outside and impressive design on the inside! They offer their guests spacious public areas, a modern lobby bar, a cozy restaurant for breakfast, lounge with free access to computers. Everything you need for your stay for work or vacation. Media Design Advertising agency created for Hotel Jägerhof evacuation interior sings and prohibition sign “No smoking”.  

Interior signs – Hotel Jägerhof

The evacuation scheme is a mandatory part of every building equipment. It should be as clear as possible so people won’t feel confused in cases of emergency. Unfortunately, it is often noticed on most of the buildings that these signs are worn, peeled, faded, and unclear. For this reason, Media Design Advertising Agency made the interior signs from Plexiglas and information stickers and graphics. The final result is strong and durable.

The same applies to the information sign “No smoking”. In addition to the letters, there are also two stickers. One of which is a prohibition sign – again creating visual communication and the other is the logo of the famous chain Jägerhof.

Visual comunication and safety

Interior signs are an important element in any building. They are proven to help visual communication by successfully orienting customers, visitors, and staff to the adjacent floors of the building. Interior signs, information boards, or interior signs can find application in any business. Illuminated or non-illuminated, these advertising products never go unnoticed. Despite plexiglass, interior signs are made also of glass, ceramics, and even PVC. They can be engraved or laser cut.

Client:  Hotel Jägerhof

Date: August 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv