Hotel Bulgaria is situated in Harmanli city. Due to the comfortable rooms and quality service, the hotel is a big attraction for tourists. From now on, there is one more thing that helps the hotel and its bistro attract more customers – an advertising totem made by Media Design.

Why a totem is a good choice?

The totem is mounted on a solid base, the so-called totem leg, and on top, we placed two separate double-sided signs made entirely of etalbond. Etalbond is a durable material that is suitable for the manufacture of outdoor advertising installations, thanks to its durability in severe weather conditions.

These advertising products are often used not only as outdoor ads but also indoors. Luminous and non-luminous totems are suitable for displaying location, promotion of offers, etc. The average height is from 3 to 7 meters, which makes them noticeable from afar, and this is an advantage liked by many companies.

In Advertising agency Media Design, the manufacturing of advertising products is standardized according to the requirements of BAPRIE. This gives our customers assurance that they receive a high level of service. The details are finished and we give a full guarantee of up to 5 years of advertising totems.

Client:  Hotel Bulgaria

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Harmanli