Barcelo Royal Beach is located in Sunny Beach and offers a luxurious and relaxed atmosphere. The complex has a shopping center with 99 different shops, and for those in need of rest and relaxation, the spa offers a heated indoor pool, gym, massages, sauna, infrared sauna, steam bath, and Turkish bath. The management turned to the Media Design Advertising Agency for the production and installation of channel letters for the hotel.

Production and installation of illuminated channel letters for Hotel Royal Beach Barcelo

We have produced the channel letters for Royal Beach Barcelo with the Alurapid system. This means that the advertising products have a plexiglass face and aluminum pages. We recommend this technology in the production of channel letters for hotels, where there are products over 80 cm but less than 2 meters are needed. As a result, the letters are extremely strong, so they can be used for roof advertising. They are resistant to adverse weather conditions such as rain, wind, and snow.

Another main advantage is that the aluminum does not corrode, which is a prerequisite for the channel letters to retain their good appearance for years.

Quality LED lighting

We illuminated the channel letters for the Royal Barcelo Hotel with OSRAM LEDs. LED lighting has proven to be the most economical and safe technology on the market. In addition to saving on electricity costs, another important advantage is that you can rely on your illuminated advertising to present your business for a very long time.

Client:  Royal Beach Barcelo

Date: May 2007

Warranty: 3 years

City: Sunny Beach