Totem INFINITI – illuminated outdoor ad

Illuminated totem for Vitosha Auto Ltd. – the Bulgarian distributor of INFINITI.

The totem of the logo INFINITI is made from aluminum profiles based on metal construction. The face of the illuminated totem is made from 8mm thick plexiglass (textured). The returns are made from a mirror etalbond with a black base. The totem is illuminated with SloanLED modules.

Advertising elements that stand out – channel letters and a logo

The acrylic channel letters are mounted on the upper side of the totem. The precise manufacture and mounting are achieved with a special technology that allows the plexiglass to remain perfect and unscratched. The INFINITI logo is also mounted on the upper side of the advertising totem. The surface of the totem is chromed plated.

Client:  Vitosha Auto Ltd.

Date:  September 2014

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv