Client: Supermarket T-market

Date: September 2016

Warranty: 3 years

Type: Flexible face signs

Illumination: G.O.Q. LED modules

City: Sofia

We express our satisfaction with the correct and quality work, we thank you for the responsiveness of the team and the good business relations that we will develop in the future as well.

Vigintas Shapokas, T-MARKET
Maxima Bulgaria (T-Market)Vygintas Sapokas

Supermarket chain T-market has been trusting Media Design with the manufacture of illuminated and non-illuminated signs for their stores for years. The methodology of the manufacture and the used materials have proven their quality over the years. The manufactured outdoor advertising for T-market is part of the re-branding of 12 Penny supermarkets with T-market signs.

Illuminated sign for T-market Sofia

We manufactured a new illuminated sign for the supermarket chain T-market. It is made from aluminum sign systems with 3M Panagraphic III applied with 3M Scotchcal Translucent Film. To illuminate the sign we used G.O.Q. LED diodes.

Re-branding of an illuminated totem

The illuminated totem on the entrance of the store was re-branded with new T-market printed graphic. Besides the spotless manufacture of the totem, the advertising element attracts the attention of passers-by thanks to the bright illumination provided by the LED diodes. We replaced the old luminescent lamps with cost-effective LED modules manufactured by the Korean company – G.O.Q. LED.

The totem is extremely effective and provides 100% visibility of the store. It is mounted on the right height and is visible 24 hours a day.