The perfect outdoor advertising

You can’t just pass it by!

Part of the main roads and highways are the boring standard side road billboards. In most cases, they are either uninteresting or totally understandable and vague. People prefer a straight and clear message that can be reviewed in a short time.

The design of the illuminated totem for Polo1, the official representative of Caffè Molinari, covered all of their requirements. The totem has a stylish design that contains their logo and product. Since it has to be visible from both sides, we manufactured a double-sided totem.

More about the importance of a good corporate image…

The branding of the company building has always been the perfect way to assert your corporate image. That can be also combined with vehicle branding. The precisely manufactured illuminated totem for Polo1 stands out with its elegant appearance. The ad is made from 4 separate signs from plexiglass that are illuminated with luminescent lamps. All of the signs are mounted on a metal pole that is wrapped with aluminum and etalbond. The precise assembly and high-quality materials guarantee perfect and lasting illuminated signage.

Client:  Polo 1

Date:  October 2010

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv