Unitrailer is the official representative for Bulgaria of the leading European manufacturers of trailers – KÖGEL (semi-trailers, container chassis, platforms), MEILLER (superstructures, tippers semi-trailers, and trailers, hydraulic systems), KNAPEN (semi-trailers with the movable floor), DOL and WEKA (superstructures and semi-trailers – tarpaulins and vans). Unitrailer turned to Media Design Advertising Agency to create an advertising totem.

Advertising totem with illuminated signs

For Unitrailer, our team of professionals completed a project for illuminated single-sided totem. We used etalbond for the face of the structure and plexiglass for the face of the sings. The logos are made of 3M high-quality film.

The impressive size of the manufactured product help to be noticed from afar. Another important factor for this is the LED lighting we installed. We relied on the Korean company G.O.Q LED again, as their LEDs are proven to be durable and economical.

Outdoor ad you can trust

Advertising totems are an excellent way to attract people’s attention. They are most often used for outdoor advertising, but we also have experience in making them for the interior. They are strong and durable, help visual communication, and one of their biggest advantages is that they do not require maintenance.

This type of product can serve you and your business for many years. And, Advertising Agency Media Design gives a full warranty of up to 5 years on all manufactured totems.

Client:  Unitrailer

Date: August 2019

Warranty: 5 years

City: Burgas