The University Multidisciplinary Hospital for Active Treatment “St. Ekatherine” serves over 200 patients daily. It has 141 beds in modern rooms. The patients are cared for by 88 highly qualified doctors and over 200 medical personnel with the most modern equipment in the field of cardiovascular diseases.

Double-sided totem with embedded illuminated letters

For the multi-profile hospital “St. Ekatherine”, our team made a double-sided totem from Etalbond. Illuminated embedded letters and a logo type “sandwich” are placed on it. 10 mm transparent plexiglass, opal plexiglass and PVC film were used to manufacture them.

The advertising totem fulfills its purpose by successfully directing the visitors and patients of the medical institution, giving them accurate and clear information.

Impressive and effective advertising

Advertising totems are used as outdoor and indoor advertising. Their impressive size makes them very suitable for creating visual communication. Advertising agency Media Design makes them with stainless steel profiles, so the advertising product does not need maintenance and guarantees you peace of mind in the future.

Client: “St. Ekatherine” Hospital

Date: April 2018

Warranty: 3 years

City: Sofia