During the implementation of branding project for Imperial Oil gas station in Krichim, the Media Design Advertising Agency team created several products to make the site stand out.

Imperial Oil gas station branding

The visor was covered with PVC film, both for the base and for the inscriptions and the logo. The advertising totem is mounted on a concrete pedestal. Its stability is ensured by a solid construction and aluminum profile. It is made double-sided to inform passengers in a timely manner about the price of the offered fuel. This type of totem has become the standard at oil stations.

Totem with proven quality

Advertising agency Media Design uses for the production of all totems materials with high resistance – etalbond, aluminum, plexiglass, LEDs and more. As a 3M authorized manufacturer, our team always relies on the proven quality of their materials in the execution of all advertisements. This guarantees higher durability of the products and excellent appearance.

Client: Imperial Oil

Date: April 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Krichim