Gas station Energy Oil is located in Dragoman, a city near many main roads such as E80 and others. The gas station offers a wide range of fuels at competitive prices. The owners singled out sign making company Media Design for the design and manufacture of an illuminated totem. The advertising element’s design is considered with the client’s requirements.

Alluring advertising totem for Energy Oil

Energy Oil is located on the far end of the city. That is why we created a brightly illuminated and attractive advertising totem. In addition to the colors of the logo, we added yellow and green. The colorful printed graphics were created with a 3M self-adhesive film, designed specifically for illuminated signage. As a 3M authorized manufacturer, we always choose their high-quality advertising materials in order to guarantee the durability and great appearance of the ad.

Durable and lasting construction

The stability of the construction is provided by the concrete pedestal on which it is mounted. For the manufacture of the totem itself, we used aluminum sign systems, specifically made for acrylic. Another advantage is the light and easy to mount construction. To separate the different advertising messages, we segmented the totem. The design is created with 3 large Plexiglas boxes: for the logo, the non-stop sign, the prices of the oils and the payment methods.

Effective illumination with a minimum amount of LED modules

The high-quality LED lighting ensures attractive and catching-the-eye advertisings. The totem is with the following measurements: 3 m height; 1.4 m width. The illumination is achieved with only 6 LED modules. The powerful SloanLED PosterBox 3 Long ensures super bright illumination with a very narrow viewing angle. SloanLED PosterBox 3 Long modules are with a 10-year full warranty which ensures perfect and lasting illumination for a great period of time. Manufactured like that, the illuminated totem for Energy Oil will promote the business of our clients for a long time before any maintenance is required.

Client:  Energy Oil

Date:  January 2018

Warranty: 5 years

Location: Dragoman