Eurocatena Ltd. is among the leading companies in the car tires sale nationwide. The company has a modern service, where the convenience of its customers is guaranteed. Our employees are specialists with many years of experience, whose main principle of work is personal attitude and attention. They offer car tires from leading world manufacturers.

Full branding of the Eurocatena bus

We performed the full branding of the Eurocatena bus and transformed it with a high-class 3M polymer cast automotive vinyl. The colors we used are yellow, white, and matte blue metallic. 3M Car Wrap Film 1080 has innovative technologies that allow easy, high quality, and durable application. With its improved extensibility, perfectly covers even the most complex and deep 3D curves of the car.

Full branding for full advertising effect

Car wrapping is a reliable and proven advertising strategy that does not stop bringing dividends to the companies that have chosen it. When it comes to investments, few of them can cause multiple returns, like branding your company auto park. After the initial costs, you earn a permanent and attractive advertisement that advertises your brand 24/7.

Client:  Eurocatena

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv