In August this year the official opening of Kercher Center Plovdiv took place. The Kärcher brand is well known to consumers around the world. It is a leader in the production of cleaning equipment for household and professional use.

In the 270 sq.m showroom Kercher Center Plovdiv you will find the whole range of products – from hobbies to specialized equipment for cleaning industrial productions, car washes, hotels, etc. There is also a company service, where specialized technicians will take care of your warranty and post-warranty service.

Media Design was pleased to embark on the project to produce outdoor advertising for the newly opened center. We have created a sustainable and prestigious sign, which corresponds to the image of Kercher.

Durable and elegant sign system for Kercher Center Plovdiv

For the branding of the site, we made a corner sign with a length of 12 meters on its longer side. We used a proven system for illuminated signs – with vinyl, special aluminum profiles and LED lighting. It guarantees a perfect look and durability of the sign. On her face is applied film for illuminated advertisements 3M with the logo and colors of the company.

The sign for Kercher Center Plovdiv has high quality G.O.Q modules. LED. They provide reliable and long-lasting advertising lighting. Thus executed, the illuminated sign for the Plovdiv showroom of Kärcher is covered by a 3-year full warranty.

Flexible face advertisement with the company’s products

To the representative vision of the Kercher store in the city of Plovdiv we added a non-illuminated flexible face vinyl sign. This type of outdoor advertising is extremely suitable as an accent for shops, malls, restaurants or hotels. The signs have a fine and elegant profile that stretches the vinyl advertisement smoothly. Current promotions or products can be presented.

Client:  Kaercher

Date: July 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv