Casa Mia is a luxury residential complex located in the southern part of Plovdiv, Ostromila, surrounded by nature, which gives an unadulterated feeling of space and tranquility with incredible views of the Rhodope Mountains. Due to its low building density, architectural design, and good orientation, the complex is a preferred place that provides its residents with a quiet and quality life. It occupies 13,500 square meters and offers a large selection of apartments and townhouses.

Acrylic channel letters with spacers – Casa Mia

Media Design Advertising Agency created for Casa Mia black acrylic channel letters. The chosen material allows the creation of fine and small details. Our experienced team even reproduced the company’s logo, which required great precision.

We mounted the resulting advertising products on spacers, which created the fancy depth effect and grab people’s attention.

Years of experience and guaranteed quality

Media Design Advertising Agency has a specialized Plexiglass and PVC workshop. We have the opportunity not only to design your channel letters and signs but also to manufacture it. We turn ideas into reality. Our specialists pay attention even to the smallest details and use high-quality materials with proven strength and durability.

Client:  Casa Mia

Date: August 2020

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv