Plovdiv has been a center of not only different cultural activities, but also many industrial manufacturing processes. Thanks to its good location, the city is very suitable for trading, import, and export of many and various goods and products. Right here, for more than 25 years, two companies continue to develop their business – Bobov & Co and Von ARX.

Their rich experience in the manufacture of high-quality industrial materials is a guarantee for a high level of precision. To increase brand recognition of their production bases, we manufactured a 7-meter high advertising totem.

Lasting high-quality outdoor advertising

Sign making company Media Design manufactured an outdoor ad made entirely from high-quality and lasting materials that ensure its strength. The double-sided totem is mounted on a strong base, that is 7-meter high, making the totem visible for both passers-by and all the passing vehicles.

On the base, we mounted two separate double-sided signs made from etalbond. This type of material is highly suitable for the manufacture of many outdoor advertising installations since it has great resistance to bad weather conditions, heavy wind, and rain. Both sings were wrapped with the lasting self-adhesive film for advertising graphics – 3M Scothcal 50.

Client:  Bibov & Co; Von ARX

Date:  April 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv