Advertising sign for Agrion Sofia

The Media Design team manufactured aluminum advertising sign for Agrion Sofia – a company that specializes in agricultural assets management. The sign is stylish and meets the high standards of the firm.

The base is made from 2mm thick aluminum sheets that provide durable and light construction. We powder coated the sign with RAL system in green in order to achieve corporate identity.

The logo and the acrylic channel letters are manufactured in a similar way. They are made from 2 mm thick white opal Plexiglas. This material is extremely suitable for the manufacture of this particular font of the channel letters. The inscription “Agrion” is embossed (8 cm) and is mounted in the lower right corner of the sign. The face of the smaller channel letters Agrion are applied with 3M 2330 Green Translucent Film.

For the illumination of the sign, we singled out the Korean LED modules – G.O.Q. LED, designed with Samsung chip. They ensure the quality and longevity of the advertising installation.

Client:  Agricultural assets management Agrion

Date:  March 2017

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Sofia