The Verdi Pizza and Pasta restaurant chain is well known to residents of Plovdiv. They have been serving some of the best pizzas in town for years, and customers can also enjoy other Italian cuisine specialties in a pleasant and stylish setting.

In 2019, one of the restaurants – Trattoria Verdi – needed to change its outdoor advertising. Media Design created a round sign that perfectly replicates the round logo of the restaurant. An illuminated round sign directs customers to the restaurant’s garden.

A round illuminated sign directs customers to the restaurant’s garden

We used an aluminum profile and a Plexiglas sign system, which is preferred by many businesses for its perfect appearance, durability, and cost-effectiveness. The profile was painted black, and all the inscriptions and logo elements were made of translucent film stickers, applied to the plexiglass face of the sign. For safe and reliable lighting, we installed G.O.Q. LED modules. We mounted the illuminated sign on a metal outdoor garden construction, facing Novotel Plovdiv, where the flow of traffic is coming from.

The outdoor advertising has helped the restaurant be visible all the time and made its appearance even more presentable. Customers can no longer miss its location.

Client: Verdi Pizza and Pasta Restaurant

Date: April 2019

Warranty: 3 yeras

City: Plovdiv