Attractive branding with a slight pearl gloss effect

We transformed Aron Rice’s vehicle with a new attractive look. The printed advertising graphic is so realistic and fresh that it cannot remain unnoticed. The spilled rice grains create the effect of being spilled on the vehicle as if they will almost fall on the ground. Through them, you can see the logo of the company, contact information, and their brand. These advertising messages reach a wide auditory.

Easily recognizable

Aron Rice’s company vehicle attracts the attention of all passers-by and successfully promotes the company and the brand. An elegant and effective branding that presents the company in its best light to all of its future clients and partners. The advertising message can be spread all over the country. Thus, the company pays only once for the transformation of their vehicle and receives long-lasting and durable advertising.

Client:  Aron Rice

Date:  August 2019

Warranty:  2 years