We used several techniques for the branding of the store in Ruse. The entire branding was accomplished step by step, in consideration with our clients. The non-standard shape of the facade of the building does not interfere with our design and was later on completely approved by the company. They have experience in trading of interior and armored doors. The fast organization of the company is one of their main priorities along with offering a wide variety of products. One of their goals is to have an innovative approach towards this business field. They wished to embody that in the branding of their store as well.

Variety of illuminated and non-illuminated signage

We mounted one of the signs on the entire length of the roof. The returns are made from an aluminum profile, while the face is made from a vinyl banner- 3M Panagraphics. We mixed a couple of different colors for the graphic prints applied to the banner. Thus, the advertising installation is visible during the night time as well. The facade is made from 3mm thick composite panel elements applied with 3M Scotchcal film. The panel follows the 3D curves of the store, while the prints contrast with the background.

An important detail of the branding is the acrylic channel letters and the logo. The label was mounted on the entrance of the store and highlights the entrance of the store. The channel letters are made from white Plexiglas while the face is applied with black film, making the sign illuminate only through the returns.

The logo of the firm is a white crown with a little decorative element that resembles emerald precious stone. All elements are made from Plexiglas since the material provides the opportunity to manufacture small and thin details. The logo and channel letter are illuminated with G.O.Q. LED modules, a guarantee for bright and lasting illumination. The spectacular look of the store, that we designed and manufactured, guarantees the visibility and the brand recognition of the store.

Client:  Interior and armored doors Ruse

Date:  April 2015

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Ruse