Many start-up companies in our capital city look for office spaces where they can develop their business ideas. Business Center Premium is the perfect place to turn your ideas into reality and experience many great moments. It has 8 000 square meters and many offices. The building is the perfect combination of luxury and comfort!

Elegant sandwich channel letters

To fit the architectural style of the business center we manufactured simple, but elegant sign that we mounted on the entrance of the building. The sign is made from two parts. For the first we designed channel letters that point the visitors to the entrance. The technology we used for them resembles the structure of a “sandwich” – combination of two or more materials and their characteristics. For Business Center Premium we used clear plexiglas sheets and 3M self-adhesive film for illuminated signage.

The film allowed us to cut very thin details of the font, which led to the more elegant look of the ad.

The entire label is embedded in inox steel construction. This material is extremely suitable for outdoor advertising installation since it provides additional strength to the entire installation and doubles its resistance in bad weather conditions.
For the bright and even illumination, we singled out the Korean LED modules G.O.Q. LED. They provide an effective illumination of the channel letters. This type of ad is suitable for buildings and organizations, that aim to achieve a highly professional look and establish more trust in their future clients.

Client:  Business Center Premium

Date:  May 2017

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv