Montre specializes in men’s fashion and offers a wide range of casual and elegant wear. The brand pays close attention to world fashion trends and embodies them into the design of their clothing lines. That includes men’s costumes, jackets, shirts, former trousers, and a rich variety of accessories can be found in their stores in Plovdiv and Asenovgrad.

Montre turned to us for the branding of their store in Plovdiv. The advertising installations transform the store, increase brand recognition, and attract the attention of passers-by.
Our rich experience in the design, manufacture, and mounting of different advertising installations such as signs, channel letter, totems, etc., allowed us to ensure our clients with a unique and creative ad.

An elegant illuminated sign mounted on the entrance of Montre store

The outdoor sign combines elegance and functionality. It is made from double-sided, painted in black, aluminum. The logo that is placed in the center of the sign is made from acrylic channel letters.

Plexiglas sheets from red and clear acrylic are bonded to one another embodying the so-called “sandwich” style (mixing different materials). The embedded G.O.Q. LED lighting illuminates the showcase during night time. Under the logo, there is an aluminum label “men’s fashion” bonded together with Plexiglas.

Large etalbond sign illuminates the showcase of the store

From the inside of the store, we mounted another illuminated sign that is made from etalbond and acrylic channel letters. The interior sign is one-sided and is much larger than the outdoor one. The combination of the two sings shapes the branding of the Montre store.

Client:  Montre men’s clothing

Date:  September 2017

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv