Fitness & Squash Club Total Sport trusted our professionals for their ads. We have been working with the club for a long time and we have been able to recreate the team’s ideas in a really provocative and eye-catching design. A particularly important marketing direction for Total Sport is fabric signs, which are placed on billboards and present the business to a wide audience.

Impressive advertising visuals for Total Sport

In the busy urban environment where all types of ads abound, people are becoming less and less impressed by them. It requires experience and great ingenuity to create a billboard design that provokes people to stop their attention on advertising. Designers at Media Design have found many times the necessary dose of inspiration and originality, so every design of Total Sport billboard is not only noticeable but also memorable. Advertising visions for any promotion, event, or celebration of the sports club provoke an increasing interest in the brand. With the creative design of a billboard, we help Total Sport to become an increasingly recognizable brand.

Billboard design that you won’t miss

That is what we do in Media Design! In fact, you will pass the billboard, but you will not miss the advertising on it. Such is the purpose of this type of outdoor advertising, to succeed in a short period of time to grab attention and to send its message. Thanks to the experience we have gained over the years and our good professionals, we can offer advertising billboards as a successful marketing tool for companies. Our projects for billboard design of Fitness & Squash Club Total Sport are a powerful advertising tool that every day reaches thousands of people. They promote the club and the quality of the services they offer, with the help of an attractively presented message. Billboard advertising is associated with Total Sport and vice versa – when you think about the club, one of the inspiring advertising signs pops up in your head. In that case, we can say that we have managed to do our job – the customer is happy and his business is prosperous.

Client:  Fitness & Squash Club Total Sport

Date:  August 2018

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv