During the last few months we have been listening more often about the changes in terms of registration and purchase of vignettes. The current law lets people buy a vignette from different place, including online thought BGToll website and its mobile application, by cash terminal and traditionally in marked objects. Now it is easy to buy e-Vignette by adding the needed information step by step.

Signmaking company Media Design installed outdoor lettering to one of cash terminal at Kalotina Checkpoint on Bulgaria’s border with Serbia.

Illuminated channel letters Vignette at Kalotina checkpoint

The channel letters are made of two types of materials. We produced the lettering with red acrylic face and aluminum returns. The Vignette channel letters are mounted on solid metal construction at the roof of the container office. The combination of these two materials helps this outdoor advertisement be more attractive and durable.

We installed G.O.Q. LED illumination to be sure that the Vignette Kalotina lettering will get the attention of the passengers. They ensure maximum light scattering and bright illumination for long-term use.

Why did we choose alurapid returns for the lettering

There are a few reasons that persuade us to choose aluminum (Alurapid) returns for this project. The Alurapid is a strong and highly resistible material. It is suitable for roof installations because it resists changing weather conditions, wind and rain. It is lightweight and allows quickly assembly of individual elements. It ensures a good protection of the electrical installation, preventing issues.

Alurapid is a long-lasting material that no need additional maintenance and this way it saves your money. This advantage makes aluminum installations suitable for banks, schools, trading centers, and more.

Client:  Interkapital Grup AD

Date:  January 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Border checkpoint Kalotina