Volleyball club Maritsa Plovdiv was founded in 1950 as part of a sports club. It is named after the Maritsa River, which passes through Plovdiv city. The team proudly presents the city under the hills and constantly brings awards and distinctions. It is no coincidence that it is also called the most successful Bulgarian women’s volleyball club.

Advertising agency Media Design branded the bus of Volleyball Club Maritsa Plovdiv, creating a new, distinctive and sporty vision of the vehicle.

Branding a bus for Volleyball Club Maritsa Plovdiv

The wrapping of Maritsa Plovdiv team’s bus team was made of two film types. The main parts of the bus are branded with high class PVC film 3M Print Wrap IJ180. It is a cast, self-adhesive film for surfaces with complex 3D curves, specialized for complete application of cars. Perfect for wrapping difficult to cover elements.

The windows are covered with perfo film, which gives excellent visibility from the inside and preserves the overall concept of the vision from the outside.

Why wrapping your car with advertising graphics?

When branding cars, an individual, noticeable vision is created, which successfully presents you. Depending on the size and type of advertising message, Media Design Advertising Agency has several typical types of car wrapping. You can easily choose the right type of advertising, according to your motives and budget.

Client: Volleyball Club Maritsa Plovdiv 

Date: January 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv