BILDA INVEST is an investment company with main activity acquisition and management of assets in the field of real estate. The main segments they deal with are family complexes, luxury houses and commercial and industrial sites.

The company once again trusted Media Design Advertising Agency for wrapping advertising graphics of a Bilda’s electric car.

Branding a company car – BILDA Invest

Our team performed the branding of an electric car with high class polymeric film from the American manufacturer 3M. The self-adhesive cast film 3M Scotchcal 80 is designed for surfaces with complex 3D curves. It is suitable for applications requiring high quality and long service life indoors and outdoors. The created colorful and elegant vision is in sync with the corporate identity.

Mobile 24-hour advertising for your business

Media Design Advertising Agency works with professionals who have many years of experience in branding cars with self-adhesive film. branded car helps your business become recognizable to consumers. This type of advertising has been considered one of the most profitable marketing strategies for years, because on the go or in the parking lot, your car advertises you.

Client:  Bilda Invest

Date: April 2022

Warranty: 2 years

City: Plovdiv