MAINA TOWN is a magazine reflecting the history, culture and energy of Plovdiv. Extremely captivating, the publication contains humorous comics that guide readers through the sights and events of the city. MAINA TOWN impresses with its art and individuality, as can be seen from the vision of their branded car.

Branding van “MAINA TOWN”

Media Design Advertising agency implemented a project for wrapping a van for “MAINA TOWN”. Their concept and design in combination with the high quality materials that our team uses have created an attractive and memorable vision. The car successfully presents the spirit of the company and promotes the magazine.

Why brand a company car?

The car branding allows every business to stand out from the competition with its corporate identity and style. Appropriate design can attract extra attention, establish an image or create one entirely. Media Design Advertising Agency offers different types of branding, fully tailored to your goals, motives and budget.

Client: „МАЙНА ТOWN“

Date: March 2022

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv