Aerosub chose Media Design for branding their store

The store has been popular in Plovdiv since 2006. It is also known for its interesting name, created by a mix between words airplane and a the word for type of fresh sandwich called a sub. Thus, the company have high quality standards, striving to satisfy every taste. For creating a brand image, they decided to contact us.

We branded the store with adhesive film and created an illuminated sign with aluminum profiles and vinyl banner

For complete branding of the store, we made illuminated signs with vinyl and an aluminum corpus. The overall construction is created entirely from aluminum profile. Used material does not corrode and even after 10-15 years would be still looking great. The aluminum profiles we use for illuminated vinyl signs is extremely practical for any type of business. It allows easy and quick change of ad vision.

Foil adhesive is the most common way to advertise your store. It is used to promote products and special offers. The creative design, inscriptions and graphics from adhesive foil our team of professionals created made the store look more attractive than ever. Ads like this are very affordable and their durability can last for years. They attract potential customers. The foil can be removed easily so it is a good solution for brands that often change the vision of their stores

For creating illuminated signs with aluminum profiles and vinyl banner Media Design works with the world leader 3M. The large assortment of quality products made all of the branding ideas come to reality.

Client: Aerosub

Date: January 2019

Warranty: 3 years

Location: Plovdiv