Angelov Business Center offers 5,295 m2 of offices and warehouses, parking lots, server spaces, as well as a recreation area – green areas and a garden. The building is equipped with everything needed to comfort the employees – daylight into all rooms, and the ventilation system is of the highest standard. Media Design Advertising agency creates embossed letters and interior signs for the site.

Visual communcation

For Angelov Business Center, Media Design Advertising Agency created an information sign to help visual communication in the site. This type of sign is useful for visitors, as they successfully navigate and recommend the searched objects by the floor they are located.

Sandwich-type letters

Sandwich-type letters were also installed. Embossed letters are extremely popular advertising products and Angelov business center branding, shows how effective they are in the interior. They are made of two materials that can be supplemented: plexiglass, film, stainless steel. This project shows how the design of the letters can be selected to match perfectly the interior and the overall vision of the complex. The inscriptions lobby, restaurant, and conference hall are installed at the entrance to the adjacent room.

Client:  Angelov Business Center 

Date:  August 2019

Warranty: 3 years

City: Plovdiv

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